Hospice Care Albuquerque

What is Hospice?

When someone is faced with a life-limiting illness, injury, or disability, sometimes the one thing they need most is compassionate care. At Armada Hospice in Albuquerque, that is exactly what we do — focusing on caring for a patient rather than curing them, we use a team-oriented approach to provide medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support. Given that each patient is unique, we believe their plan of treatment should be too; in accordance with the patient, doctors, and family members, we develop a personalized care plan to fit each patient’s individual wants, needs, and wishes.

We acknowledge that this may be a difficult and emotional time for both a patient and their loved ones. Armada Hospice not only serves the patient but provides their family with the support and comfort they need. Our mission and belief is that our patients should enjoy the final moments of life, and their families should experience this with them – at Armada Hospice, we make this happen for many families, providing hospice care throughout Albuquerque!

Process of Hospice Care Albuquerque

Hospice care in Albuquerque normally takes place in a patient’s home but can also be given in hospice centers, hospitals, nursing homes, or long-term care facilities. The Armada Hospice staff regularly makes visits to provide any needed care or medical services and assesses the patient to ensure they are not experiencing pain or suffering. In addition, a family member is chosen as the primary caregiver and when needed, makes decisions in the best interest and on behalf of the hospice patient.


Levels of Care

Armada Hospice provides different levels of care customized to meet the individual psychological, physical, and emotional needs of a patient. The following are the four different levels of hospice care we offer in Albuquerque:

Routine Level of Care

Hospice care services can be provided in the home of the patient.

Hospice General In-Patient Care

Available for patients experiencing acute or severe pain that cannot be managed in their home. Allows for admittance into a hospital, hospice unit, etc. Patient is usually seen three to seven days.

Continuous Care

Offered to patients who are in a period of crisis and aims to provide care in their home. Care is given by nurses and certified nursing assistant to monitor and gain control over symptoms.

Respite Care

Provided in an approved facility so that a patient’s caregiver is allotted breaks. This type of care is typically limited to five consecutive days at a time.

The final moments of a person’s life should be pain-free and spent with dignity. For a compassionate approach to hospice care in Albuquerque, the superior choice is Armada Hospice. Call (505) 821-1200 today to learn more.