The final moments of life should be lived pain-free with grace, comfort, and dignity. Hospice is intended to help patients achieve exactly that, providing end-of-life care for the mind, body, and spirit. Patients, as well as their families, should be given the support and resources they need to be at peace with the process and confident in their caregiver providing customized care that aligns with their wants, needs, and wishes. Ultimately, hospice care should enhance the final moments of one’s life and help them enjoy special moments of peace and closeness. At Armada Hospice in Albuquerque, this is everything we aim to do.

When you welcome Armada Hospice into your life, you can be sure that your loved one will receive comprehensive, patient-centered care that is focused on their and your family’s needs and palliative care outcomes. We believe that each patient is unique and should be cared for as such, so we work closely with your loved one, their doctors, and your family to develop an individualized plan of medical care, pain management, and spiritual and emotional support that meet all psychological, physical, and emotional requirements.

When it comes to hospice companies in Albuquerque, you have a choice—choose Armada Hospice for superior services and trusted care.

Levels of Hospice Care

Routine Level of Care
Hospice care services are provided in the patient’s home.

Hospice General In-Patient Care
Patients experiencing acute or severe pain that cannot be managed in their home can receive this type of care in a hospital, hospice unit, etc. Patient is usually seen three to seven days.

Continuous Care
Available to patients who are in a

Couple holding hands during hospice

period of crisis. Care is provided in their home and is given by nurses and a certified nursing assistant to monitor and gain control over symptoms.

Respite Care
Given in an approved facility, aims to provide breaks to a patient’s caregiver, and is typically limited to five consecutive days at a time.

The Difference Is In Our Care

In comparison to other hospice companies in Albuquerque, the difference is in the care we provide our patients and their families. As stated in our mission: “The mission of Armada Hospice is to provide quality, safe and cost effective end-of-life care to persons in need of those services. Armada Hospice provides care that optimizes comfort and dignity and is consistent with patient and family needs and goals, with patient needs and goals as priority.”

Our patients can receive care in their homes, a nursing home or an assisted living facility, and their care can be paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances.

Choose Compassion. Choose Expertise. Choose Armada Hospice. Call us at (505) 821-1200 and know that your loved one is receiving care from the best hospice company in Albuquerque.