Nursing Home care Albuquerque

All our lives, our loved ones have been there, guiding us in the next phase and caring for us every step of the way. When the tables turn and it’s time to be there for them, we understand that although you wish to provide them with the best care, not everyone has the capability to do so—but that’s where we step in.

Providing the same level of kindness and compassion as they once did, Armada Hospice cares for your loved ones as if they were our own, offering hospice care to Albuquerque patients in the comfort of home, including nursing homes, assisted living communities, and more.

Caring for Patients & Their Families

We recognize that the decision to begin hospice care is difficult, and one that induces a whirlwind of emotions. To help both the patient and their family find peace in the process, we strive to provide care to every party involved. From top-level care for patients to counseling for families, Armada Hospice is dedicated to ensuring everyone enjoys their final moments together.

Our main focus, however, is the patient. We believe everyone has the right to pass pain-free, peacefully, and with dignity, and since our founding, this has been our sole mission. Combining a trusted team with care-centered procedures and treatments, we help transition patients from preventative care to hospice care, focusing on their comfort and quality of life.

Albuquerque Nursing Home Care

New Mexico has trusted Armada Hospice for years to provide end-of-life care to patients nursing homes. From medication management to symptom relief, our team makes sure each patient fully enjoys their final moments of life with a customized plan that includes:

Medical Care
Pain Management
Emotional and Spiritual Support
Practices That Are Unique to Their Wants, Needs, and Beliefs
Family Support

Compassionate Care You Can Count On

With a dedication to offering gentle, compassionate care, the Armada Hospice team seeks to enhance a patient’s quality of life, provide special moments of closeness with their loved ones, and overall, provide the best hospice care in Albuquerque.

If you’re considering hospice care for a loved one, we invite you to reach out to us with any questions at (505) 821-1200. We look forward to speaking with you and telling you of the genuine difference Armada Hospice can make in the lives of you and your family.

Supportive and compassionate—visit us online to discover more about our Albuquerque nursing home hospice care services and other types of care we provide!