Volunteer JobDescription
Patient and Family Care and SupportVolunteers are matched with a hospice patient and family to provide a variety of supportive services.
Organizational SupportVolunteers help with the operation of the hospice program. Job opportunities may include: assisting with mailings, data entry, helping with health fairs, speakers’ bureau, baking and clerical work.
Hospice HelpersVolunteers who do specific, one-time assignments for patients such as baking, sewing, gardening, cleaning, etc.
11th Hour VolunteersVolunteers who are on standby to sit with patients who are near death at home, in nursing homes and hospitals.
HTV—Hospice Teen VolunteersVolunteers are at least a high school freshmen.
Hospice LiaisonsRepresent hospice to their church or workplace to help with information distribution and referrals.